Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu speaking at WIRED 2014

Challenge yourself and success will follow! WIRED2014

Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu speaking at WIRED 2014

Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu speaking at WIRED 2014

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu has just come back from London with more energy and enthusiasm to get things done. It was a great pleasure and honor for him to be a speaker at WIRED 2014 and he hopes that he inspired the people from the audience in perusing their passion. ”Challenge yourself and success will follow!” was the piece of advice he gave to the auditory. He also said that patience and motivation play a significant role in being successful. During the conference Alexandru spoke about his previous experience and about his future plans. Of course he did not forget to mention VisionBot which took birth because one of his priorities is to help others to bring their ideas to fruition. WIRED 2014 is the fourth two-day flagship event from WIRED that gather more than 45 speakers from a multitude of disciplines including: design, advertising, digital media, life sciences, publishing, programming, humanitarianism and more. Its main purpose is to present and attract people that are changing and defining the future.

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu attended the high-level conference hosted in Portugal

Alexandru Budisteanu a VIP speaker at the high-level conference "The future of Europe is Science"

Alexandru Budisteanu a VIP speaker at the high-level conference “The future of Europe is Science”

Yesterday, Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu attended a high-level conference entitled: “The future of Europe is Science”. The conference was hosted by the European Commission. Alexandru was invited by the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso to be a speaker in a panel and to debate the current European educational system issues.  Alexandru underlined the idea that although Europe has been the world’s greatest place for sciences, arts, education and innovation for the past centuries, now Europe has a big problem with education. Less and less young people are interested in studying STEM. You can read more details about the event where Alexandru took place on his personal blog

Next week Alexandru will be a speaker at the conference “WIRED 2014” hosted by the WIRED magazine. Over there Alexandru Budisteanu will speak about education, computer science and VisionBot.

Spot Ionut Budisteanu on the New Europe 100 list


Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu

After being nominated by the TIME magazine as one of the most influential teens of 2013, Ionut Budisteanu is making again Romanians proud. In October 2014 Ionut was selected for the New Europe 100 – project – a list of outstanding challengers from Central and Eastern Europe who are changing the world and improve people`s lives. The project is organised by Res Publica together with Visegrad Found, Google and Financial Times. For more information you can access

Ionut is very happy and grateful that his ideas are highly appreciated, but at the same time he knows that he has a big responsibility: to come up with new and innovative projects and most important to implement them. For doing this he put a lot of passion and enthusiasm  into his work. If you are wondering what was Ionut doing lately, I can tell you that he is dedicating all his time to his first start-up: VisionBot – a Pick and Place machine that helps electrical engineers, hackers, makers or hobbyists to turn their prototypes into real products.

Stay tuned!

VisionBot got accepted to EAI360 – idea accelerator

EAI360 logo

EAI360 logo

A few days ago, VisionBot Pick and Place Machine got accepted to EAI360 – Bringing ideas to market, together idea accelerator. Although I had been working to more than 50 projects, I don’t have any entrepreneurship experience. EAI360 it’s a platform to help entrepreneurs just like me to bring your Idea to Market. I had the first online meeting and in a few weeks I will see the experience I will get from EAI360. I think EAI360 it’s a great opportunity for VisionBot, at least in this stage. Also I am looking to register VisionBot to the YCombinator. The deadline for the YCombinator is very close – so I must hurry with  the website.