Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu Forbes 30 under 30 Europe

Our CEO made it on Forbes 30 under 30 Europe

Yesterday, published an article that our CEO, Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu made it on Forbes 30 under 30 Europe in the Industrial field thanks to VisionBot. In the last period, we had been really bussy working on VisionBot Pick and Place machines . We had been working hard to redesign the entire VisionBot 32 automatic feeders. Now, the system works with micro servo-motors and we are almost done. Next days we will place an order to a China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer to receive new electronics for a better and simpler automatic feeders system. On 30th January 2016 we will ship one unit to a Romanian private company, Rockna  Audio via cargo. Initially we decided to ship it this Saturday, but the client wanted it delivered exactly on 30th January 2016. We are eager to send the robot over there! We will ask and publish his impressions about VisionBot PnP machines on our website!

VisionBot SMT Pick and Place Machine Robot PnP

VisionBot 32 New Pick and Place Video

We have been working to build a VisionBot 32 Machine for a National customer, Rockna Audio. They build complete advanced Audio Systems and are based in Suceava, Romania. After we ship the unit, we are planning to redesign the Automatic Feeders and simplify the electronics. We found out that there are way too much wires in our current design. Probably, in one month we will release new photos from a new generation of machines with simplified electronics.

Recently, we released two new videos showing VisionBot 32 assembling with Top Vision and Bottom Vision a sample PCB using 0603 resistors and SOIC28. You can view the VisionBot Pick and Place Video directly from Youtube:



We tested also the panelization process and it works as charm. Here is a glimpse video showing 4 panels.