Got accepted into 25K euro EU funding program for VisionBot

Today, we received a great news that VisionBot and our company BIT TECHNOLOGIES RO got accepted into a European Union EU funding program for young entrepreneurs which is promoting the entrepreneurial culture in South-West Oltenia and Bucharest – Ilfov.  The company will use the funding seed of 25,000 euro in order to manufacture the first 10 units of VisionBot machines and to employ the first mechanical technicians.  The startup got accepted first in the funding program, and we hope that this will be the startup a very fruitful journey.  It is a great news for us, because we will be able to deliver our product, VisionBot faster and better. We want to thank you very much for the interest shown and we hope that we will do a great execution with VisionBot.

Also today we received an inquiry from a young entrepreneur just like us, that our website had a small glitch with the registration form. Hopefully we solved that problem and we are looking to receive our first questions on the forum.

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