VisionBot Startup Ambassadors


VisionBot Ambassadors PageStartup VisionBot’s Ambassador Program is a volunteer network created to give individuals who shares the same vision with us the opportunity to support VisionBot to be heared by as much makers and to connect volunteers within the startup maker community. Volunteer ambassadors assist with promoting and educating the public about VisionBot programs and offerings in the maker community.

VisionBot Startup Ambassadors

  • Receive more inputs and outs about VisionBot stage.
  • Work independently or as part of a team.
  • Are energetic and passionate makers, engineers or entrepreneurs about the maker community and VisionBot. We will provide official information to the Ambassadors.
  • Ambassadors commit to a 3 month term with the option to continue on for a second term.
  • Receive promotional coupon for VisionBot and other BIT Technologies products.

What an ambassador will do?

Community Guide: Meet new people from the maker world by having conversations and hosting tours with people interested in the startup community or building stuff. This Ambassador project is about promoting within your great networking and organizations across the region the entire startup community along with the machine designed for makers.

Community Awareness:  Inform people about our start up new features, programs, opportunities, networking events in and around the community.

Social Media Engagement:  Encourage people to join the conversation about the startup community via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and the newsletter.

Connector: Our community always has people looking for jobs, looking to hire new employees and just connect the right people that help facilitate VisionBot community and can provide huge growth opportunities for makers and engineers across the region. This project would help to facilitate and connect people across the region to build a great products using VisionBot and help provide mutually beneficial relationships across the ecosystem.

Events: Assist with programs and events. We will try so create many great events that are being put on by VisionBot and other organizations within our product vision, we want to make sure that they are executed with excellence. This is also an unbelievable way to get connected in the startup community as you will have the chance to meet everyone that is coming in and leaving for events.

If you want to apply for VisionBot Ambassadors programme just contact us.