VisionBot Pick and Place early production

VisionBot Desktop Pick and Place production line

We started the production line for manufacturing and assembling the VisionBot Desktop PnP machines. We have 10 units that are being assembled in our assembly line and probably many of them will be ready in the next 30 days. As we mentioned earlier, we were able to use the professional Juki nozzles 500-508 nozzles and all the next units will come up with the new Juki nozzles. Although our design doesn’t use the Juki holder, we designed our own holder that uses neodymium magnets and the results are very good. In this weekend we will make a new film showing VisionBot picking and placing 0402 passives. Our next focus now is to boost the VisionBot Desktop Pick and Place machine speed with at least 20-25%. Between 19 to 20 April we will be exhibit one VisionBot 24 Pick and Place machine at the Webit.Festival that is held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dave, our friend from MegaPoints Controller published a new video showing a VisionBot with 29 automatic feeders assembling 4 panels of his MultiPanel LED boards that has near to 200 SMT components – all of them are 0805  on those 4 panels. It is important to tell you that Dave uploaded this 2nd video only 4-5 days  after he powered on for the first time his VisionBot machine. We are very happy that Dave no longer needs to loose plenty of his time to assembly 200 of SMT components on these boards by hand, and now the VisionBot is doing most of his job.


Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu exhibition Cisco Live Berlin VisionBot

Cisco Live Berlin Exhibition

In Lisbon, last year we got a special prize from Cisco at the Junior Achievement  European Enterprise Challenge. The Technopreneurship award from Cisco is a chance to exhibit your product in one of their exhibitions over the world. I could choose to exhibit in one of their 5 different location from November to February 2016. Unfortunately it was quite a huge problem to pick a location, because I had college exams and a lot of activities with my hardware startup  VisionBot and also other activities in Bucharest. In one, maximum two weeks we will ship our first international unit to United Kingdom. I choose to exhibit in the Cisco Live! Berlin in February because it was just 2 days after all the theoretical exams I had to take.

For the exhibition, I prepared a VisionBot rollup. Initially, I planned to exhibit one live VisionBot machine to our Cisco Live booth, but after some calculations I understood it was not very profitable for us due the fact we had a shared booth with shifts.  Also the logistics to exhibit a such machine are very complex even for a  25 kg machine. Although most of the companies were in the hardware business, the business people were not interested in affordable PnP machines for their companies because they could buy professional and expensive robots and not a 3000 USD PnP machine. Definitely, I would be more than interested and happy to exhibit VisionBot SMT Pick and Place Machines in a maker fair or to an electronic exhibition. Summing up, the Cisco Live Berlin was interesting and the most important lesson I learned at Cisco Live was that if you give something free in your exhibition booth you will have far more interested people asking about your product.

VisionBot PnP Machine Box

Shipping VisionBot to United Kingdom for PCBA

Two days ago we shipped a VisionBot Pick and Place machine with 29 automatic feeders to Waverley, United Kingdom. Our customer is building servo controllers, DCC modules, multipanels and models for railway enthusiasts. The VisionBot has already arrived in United Kingdom, but the customer wants to receive the VisionBot package Monday morning. The VisionBot PnP is packed and ready configured for PCBA Productions. He is looking to assembly and sell over 4000 PCBs per month with our automatic Pick and Place machine. Right now I was configuring a new VisionBot PnP machine that will be shipped nationally to a customer from Romania Tuesday.

We decided to change our nozzles and to opt for professional Juki Nozzles and Juki Holder. For now on, the VisionBot PnP machines will come up with 4 Juki Nozzles. We are very confident that this decision of using Juki Nozzles will increase the quality of our PCBA process and to make VisionBot an affordable, but in the same time a professional SMT Pick and Place machine.

We released a new Software Update that allows our users to imports Centroids XYR data directly from:

  • Altium
  • Cadence Allegro
  • KiCAD
  • Cadence OrCAD
  • CadSoft EAGLE
  • CSV files and TXT raw files

We uploaded a new video showing the configurations needed to do for the Top and Bottom Computer Vision and how to start a PCBA process with our machine.

VisionBot SMT Placement Equipmenet Laboratory BIT TECHNOLOGIES

New VisionBot automatic Pick and Place machine

VisionBot SMT Pick and Place robot PnP PCBA PCB Assembly

VisionBot SMT Pick and Place robot PnP PCBA PCB Assembly

A few days ago we updated some new pictures on our website showing the updates of the VisionBot PnP machines from our website. It shows a new VisionBot automatic Pick and Place machine. In a couple of days we are shipping for the first time a VisionBot internationally and it will go to … United Kingdom, Waverley, Cheshire. In the following couple days we will post a new blog post showing the shipping box and how do we prepare for the shipping.  We redesigned the Automatic Feeders to use SG90. We couldn’t wait to receive the new automatic feeders PCBs from Hong Kong, so we decided to do a first test with some prototypes  PCBs 😀  The new automatic feeders are much easier to operate and they work very good. We also improved our optical sensors. We are quite confident that the shipping of assembled VisionBot throughout major cities of Europe is nearly 200 Euros.  Many folks asked us why we don’t want to release the machine in a DIY kit? The answer is quite simple: it is damn hard to assembly it. It takes a lot of time even to us, the creators to assembly and calibrate the machine to have a high precision. Although the price of a kit will drop even to half of the initial price, we prefer to don’t ship the VisionBot machines in hardware DIY kits. Probably in 3 weeks we will ship the next units throughout Europe. The VisionBot automatic Pick and Place machine is still doing significant progress and definitely this model is not the final version of our machines. More updates will be done in the following weeks.

Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu Forbes 30 under 30 Europe

Our CEO made it on Forbes 30 under 30 Europe

Yesterday, published an article that our CEO, Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu made it on Forbes 30 under 30 Europe in the Industrial field thanks to VisionBot. In the last period, we had been really bussy working on VisionBot Pick and Place machines . We had been working hard to redesign the entire VisionBot 32 automatic feeders. Now, the system works with micro servo-motors and we are almost done. Next days we will place an order to a China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer to receive new electronics for a better and simpler automatic feeders system. On 30th January 2016 we will ship one unit to a Romanian private company, Rockna  Audio via cargo. Initially we decided to ship it this Saturday, but the client wanted it delivered exactly on 30th January 2016. We are eager to send the robot over there! We will ask and publish his impressions about VisionBot PnP machines on our website!

VisionBot SMT Pick and Place Machine Robot PnP

VisionBot 32 New Pick and Place Video

We have been working to build a VisionBot 32 Machine for a National customer, Rockna Audio. They build complete advanced Audio Systems and are based in Suceava, Romania. After we ship the unit, we are planning to redesign the Automatic Feeders and simplify the electronics. We found out that there are way too much wires in our current design. Probably, in one month we will release new photos from a new generation of machines with simplified electronics.

Recently, we released two new videos showing VisionBot 32 assembling with Top Vision and Bottom Vision a sample PCB using 0603 resistors and SOIC28. You can view the VisionBot Pick and Place Video directly from Youtube:



We tested also the panelization process and it works as charm. Here is a glimpse video showing 4 panels.

VisionBot affordable SMD SMT PnP Robot Machine

VisionBot 2.0 SMT Pick and Place machine pictures released

After I had returned from Mumbai, India, I went straight to the VisionBot production line which is located in Ramnicu Valcea, Romania to check out the progress we had so far. Although the VisionBot 2.0 is not 100% done and many things will be improve over the time, I am sharing with you the some glimpse pictures with the VisionBot 2.0 machine architecture. The new version of VisionBot machine includes: automatic feeders that uses optical sensors, nozzle changers, a stable aluminum profile, Python Scripting, On Fly Computer Vision and many more other components.

The technical data for the VisionBot with 24 automatic feeders:

Precision for X Axis – 25 µm, Precision for Y Axis 12,5 µm
Working Area: 200 x 250 mm
Automated feeders 24 – 16x8mm, 4x12mm, 4x16mm

Tray Component – more than 50-80 components from SOIC8 to TQFP128
3 Nozzles – 0.30mm, 1mm, 2,5 mm with – Run Time/Automatic Nozzle Changer
Vacuum control based on Microcontroller and the desktop software controls the vacuum.
Vacuum Pump 220V –  VH115N – 1/5 HP life time 10.000 hour
For: Europe FREE Vacuum tank 20 litters inox – limited numbers
Motors X,Y,Z 1.8 degree/Step: NEMA17 for R Axis NEMA8
for feeders NEMA11 0.8A – 24PCS
X, Y, Z mgn12 liniar rails low-cost from CHINA

2X Advanced Computer Vision (Top with Digital Microscope, and Bottom with HD Camera that includes zoom and auto-focus),

Auto self test, On Fly Computer Vision for Top Digital Microscopes, Python Scripting, Power Self-Test
X,Y,Z Standard drivers for CNC machines 1/16 – TOSHIBA TB6560
For 24X automated Feeders – 24x Standard drivers for 3D printers DRV8825
The electronics from the machine is complete optical separated.
2x DC-DC converter with Voltmeter
Clippard Vacuum Valve
USB hub
Full schematic – MORE 50 LED FOR EASY SERVICE
Full step algorithm for setting

Can be upgraded manually with another identitical feeder system – extra.

Here are some more pictures with the VisionBot 2.0 prototype

VisionBot SMT Pick and Place machine

VisionBot SMT Pick and Place machine

VisionBot Electronics

VisionBot Electronics








VisionBot Automatic Feeders

VisionBot Automatic Feeders

VisionBot Optical Sensors used for feeders

VisionBot Optical Sensors used for feeders













VisionBot Pick and Place machine

VisionBot Pick and Place machine

VisionBot SMD Pick head

VisionBot SMD Pick head








INKTalks Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu

Talk at INKTalks Mumbai, India

Last week, I was away from Romania in order to go and talk about VisionBot machines at INKTalks in Mumbai. It was my first visit to India. The conference was really awesome. The most beautiful part was that we had the chance to do rehearsals. It is actually the first time when I got feedback to improve my talk. The major change I had in my talk was the flow of the presentation. Likely I am a spontaneous person so I did’t have memorize any change .

INKTalks Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu speaker India Mumbai

INKTalks Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu speaker in Mumbai, India

The final VisionBot talk is somehow in a “chronological” order and not massed up like it was before. I met a lot of people from talented Electrical Engineers to founders of makerspaces. All of them were interested in knowing more details about VisionBot machines. Definitely it was a really inspiring experience even for me as a speaker.

I knew that in India there is a huge contrast between the upper class and lower class, but I couldn’t believe to my eyes that the gap is tremendous huge. Probably in Mumbai alone, there are a few million people who live in slams due to poverty. Recently, I saw a news which shows that more than 50% of the world wealth is owned by the 1% of the world… due to the great capitalism system. Beside this fact the gap is growing alarming fast between the poor people and the very rich ones. Actually I come from a poor Eastern European family, but what I saw in Mumbai definitely created a cultural and emotional impact in my mind. Although millions of Indians from Mumbai live in poverty, in the same city, an Indian industrialist owns a billion dollar pent-house that is almost located in a slam. In a similar condition was my accommodation. The organizers hosted us at the Hyatt 5* Grand Hotel  Mumbai and our neighbors were extraordinary poor Indians. I felt so guilty on the European society that we don’t do almost anything to help these people. It is mind boggling when I think that most of the INK attendants paid up to one thousand dollar just to listen to us.

Once the people from INKTalks will process and upload my presentation on Youtube, I will share it with you guys.

VisionBot BIT TECHNOLOGIES RO Assembly Line

Progress on our SMT PnP Machines Production Line

We spent more than 7,000 euro in building our Production Line for the SMT PnP Machines. Monday, I will depart to present VisionBot in Mumbai, India at INK Talks. We will manufacture the VisionBot machines in Romania, European Union and not in China. Unfortunately, I am not very good at public communications for the simple reason I am a geek maker. We are very close to finish the production line once we will receive all of our goods and required components for building the VisionBot machines. Until now, we received a very professional Bernardo Lathe for Fine  Mechanics and a Bernardo Vertical Mills. We started the assembly of the first 7 units in our “garage”. Very soon, we will upload a totally new video showing the VisionBot 2.0 machine that will be our official product.

VisionBot Vertical Mills

VisionBot Vertical Mills

VisionBot Lathe Fine Mechanics

VisionBot Lathe Fine Mechanics


Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu with VisionBot

اليوم  تلقينا أخبارا عظيمة بأن VisionBot وشركتنا BIT TECNOLOGIES قد تم قبولها في برنامج الاتحاد الاوروبي لتمويل رواد الاعمال الشباب مما يرفع ثقافة ريادة الأعمال في شرق وغرب أولتينيا وبوخاريست وسوف تستخدم الشركة ذلك الدعم لتمويل صناعة أول 10 وحدات من VisionBot ولتوظيف أول فني ميكانيكا ونحن نأمل أن يكون ذلك المشروع رحلة مثمرة.لقد كان الخبر عظيما لأن في هذه الحالة سنكون قادرين على توصيل منتجنا بشكل أفضل وأسرع ونحن نشكركم للاهتمام بمتابعةVisionBot واليوم تم اصلاح مشكلة التسجيل للموقع ونأمل في أن تصلنا استفساراتكم على المنتدى