Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu exhibition Cisco Live Berlin VisionBot

Cisco Live Berlin Exhibition

In Lisbon, last year we got a special prize from Cisco at the Junior Achievement  European Enterprise Challenge. The Technopreneurship award from Cisco is a chance to exhibit your product in one of their exhibitions over the world. I could choose to exhibit in one of their 5 different location from November to February 2016. Unfortunately it was quite a huge problem to pick a location, because I had college exams and a lot of activities with my hardware startup  VisionBot and also other activities in Bucharest. In one, maximum two weeks we will ship our first international unit to United Kingdom. I choose to exhibit in the Cisco Live! Berlin in February because it was just 2 days after all the theoretical exams I had to take.

For the exhibition, I prepared a VisionBot rollup. Initially, I planned to exhibit one live VisionBot machine to our Cisco Live booth, but after some calculations I understood it was not very profitable for us due the fact we had a shared booth with shifts.  Also the logistics to exhibit a such machine are very complex even for a  25 kg machine. Although most of the companies were in the hardware business, the business people were not interested in affordable PnP machines for their companies because they could buy professional and expensive robots and not a 3000 USD PnP machine. Definitely, I would be more than interested and happy to exhibit VisionBot SMT Pick and Place Machines in a maker fair or to an electronic exhibition. Summing up, the Cisco Live Berlin was interesting and the most important lesson I learned at Cisco Live was that if you give something free in your exhibition booth you will have far more interested people asking about your product.

Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu Forbes 30 under 30 Europe

Our CEO made it on Forbes 30 under 30 Europe

Yesterday, published an article that our CEO, Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu made it on Forbes 30 under 30 Europe in the Industrial field thanks to VisionBot. In the last period, we had been really bussy working on VisionBot Pick and Place machines . We had been working hard to redesign the entire VisionBot 32 automatic feeders. Now, the system works with micro servo-motors and we are almost done. Next days we will place an order to a China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer to receive new electronics for a better and simpler automatic feeders system. On 30th January 2016 we will ship one unit to a Romanian private company, Rockna  Audio via cargo. Initially we decided to ship it this Saturday, but the client wanted it delivered exactly on 30th January 2016. We are eager to send the robot over there! We will ask and publish his impressions about VisionBot PnP machines on our website!

INKTalks Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu

Talk at INKTalks Mumbai, India

Last week, I was away from Romania in order to go and talk about VisionBot machines at INKTalks in Mumbai. It was my first visit to India. The conference was really awesome. The most beautiful part was that we had the chance to do rehearsals. It is actually the first time when I got feedback to improve my talk. The major change I had in my talk was the flow of the presentation. Likely I am a spontaneous person so I did’t have memorize any change .

INKTalks Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu speaker India Mumbai

INKTalks Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu speaker in Mumbai, India

The final VisionBot talk is somehow in a “chronological” order and not massed up like it was before. I met a lot of people from talented Electrical Engineers to founders of makerspaces. All of them were interested in knowing more details about VisionBot machines. Definitely it was a really inspiring experience even for me as a speaker.

I knew that in India there is a huge contrast between the upper class and lower class, but I couldn’t believe to my eyes that the gap is tremendous huge. Probably in Mumbai alone, there are a few million people who live in slams due to poverty. Recently, I saw a news which shows that more than 50% of the world wealth is owned by the 1% of the world… due to the great capitalism system. Beside this fact the gap is growing alarming fast between the poor people and the very rich ones. Actually I come from a poor Eastern European family, but what I saw in Mumbai definitely created a cultural and emotional impact in my mind. Although millions of Indians from Mumbai live in poverty, in the same city, an Indian industrialist owns a billion dollar pent-house that is almost located in a slam. In a similar condition was my accommodation. The organizers hosted us at the Hyatt 5* Grand Hotel  Mumbai and our neighbors were extraordinary poor Indians. I felt so guilty on the European society that we don’t do almost anything to help these people. It is mind boggling when I think that most of the INK attendants paid up to one thousand dollar just to listen to us.

Once the people from INKTalks will process and upload my presentation on Youtube, I will share it with you guys.

VisionBot award CISCO SYSTEMS TECHNOPRENEURSHIP Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu


VisionBot stand presented by Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu

VisionBot stand presented by Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu

VisionBot was presented at the European Enterprise Challenge 2015 organized by the Junior Achievement Europe.  We had presented our solution, VisionBot  at the contest and received two awards:

  • CISCO SYSTEMS TECHNOPRENEURSHIP AWARD which consists in mentoring and accelerating our startup, VisionBot by CISCO SYSTEMS. It is a great privillage for us to receive a such important know-how, expertise and support from Cisco Systems for developing VisionBot faster. The first meeting with Cisco Systems will take place in Vienna this autumn.
  • The Alumni Leadership Award to Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu for standing out as an individual showing role model behavior, possessing skills, team solidarity and real JA alumni spirit at the JA Europe  Enterprise Challenge.


Got accepted into 25K euro EU funding program for VisionBot

Today, we received a great news that VisionBot and our company BIT TECHNOLOGIES RO got accepted into a European Union EU funding program for young entrepreneurs which is promoting the entrepreneurial culture in South-West Oltenia and Bucharest – Ilfov.  The company will use the funding seed of 25,000 euro in order to manufacture the first 10 units of VisionBot machines and to employ the first mechanical technicians.  The startup got accepted first in the funding program, and we hope that this will be the startup a very fruitful journey.  It is a great news for us, because we will be able to deliver our product, VisionBot faster and better. We want to thank you very much for the interest shown and we hope that we will do a great execution with VisionBot.

Also today we received an inquiry from a young entrepreneur just like us, that our website had a small glitch with the registration form. Hopefully we solved that problem and we are looking to receive our first questions on the forum.

VisionBot got 10,000 euros

Got 10,000 euro seed money from Hyundai Romania

Our company, BIT TECHNOLOGIES RO got a 10,000 euro seed money from Hyundai Romania for VisionBot SMT Placement Equipment . We received the fund at the Junior Achievement Romania’s national contest “Company of the Year”, where the founder, Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu  presented VisionBot. For us, it is a really great achievement because we received some funds to continue our goal to enable the dreams of millions of makers, electrical engineers and SMEs to transform electronic prototypes into products. At that contest, we got also the great honor to present our company in Lisbon, Portugal at the European stage of the “Company of the Year”.[:]

Ionut Budisteanu Social Impact Award VisionBot

VisionBot got the Social Impact Award from Impact Hub Bucharest

Ionut Budisteanu Social Impact Award VisionBot

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu Social Impact Award VisionBot

VisionBot is delighted to be the recipient of the Impact Hub’s Social Impact Award – SIA 2015. For us, VisionBot is not just a business, it is an affordable assembly line for PCBs designed for makers, electrical engineers, hardware startups, hackers, inventors and SMEs. Our mission is to bring VisionBot Pick and Place Robots to everyone’s garage – and by this to enable markers to start a PCBA medium production very soon, easy and efficient. From the the Social Impact Award 2015 judges panel, we got a lot of really productive feedback and know-how to develop VisionBot furthermore. The biggest first two milestones for VisionBot and BIT TECHNOLOGIES RO are

  • Finishing a fully functional prototype of VisionBot
  • Start a small VisionBot assembly production in Romania.

All this award money will be invested in VisionBot because we really want to achieve these two really important milestones for us.[:]

Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu presenting the VisionBot Surface Mount Device Pick and Place machine at HULT Business School

Presenting VisionBot at Hult International Business School in SF

Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu presenting the VisionBot Surface Mount Device Pick and Place machine at HULT Business School

Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu presenting the VisionBot Surface Mount Device Pick and Place machine at HULT Business School

The creator of VisionBot, Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu presented the concept of the machine and the business plan at the Hult International Business School in San Francisco. It was a prolific and interesting event where he met a lot of young entrepreneurs like him but also electrical engineers who were studying business to  create their own company. The event hosted at the Hult Business School was more like a small showcase with new tech companies. Unfortunately, it was hard for him to bring to robot from Romania only for the showcase.

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu at the Global Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley representing VisionBot

VisionBot got to Silicon Valley

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu at the Global Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley representing VisionBot

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu at the Global Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley representing VisionBot

VisionBot first English pitch was done in Silicon Valley, USA at 18th February 2015 at the Global Innovation Summit. It was an interesting experience, the team got from over there a lot of know-how how to build a better startup and a successful Kickstarter campaign from a lot of IT experts and venture investors. Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu had been invited by the European Young Inventor Forum to do a pitch in front of many mentors and investors from Silicon Valley at the Global Innovation Summit 2015.  It was his second time to travel and understand the mental state that exists and persist for many years in Silicon Valley for new technologies startups and innovations. He talked with a lot of interesting people and even electrical engineers who are looking later on for the status of VisionBot and the stages of Kickstarter campaign. In San Francisco, Alexandru met one of the HEXO+ drone co-founders and he learned a lot from HEXO+ experience.

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu received an award handed by the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis

Student of the year in Romania award from President Iohannis

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu received an award handed by the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu received an award handed by the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis

A few days days ago, at the Romanian Students Abroad League gala that took place on Thursday, January 8, 2015 Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu received the best student of the year in Romania award for 2013-2014. It is a great honor for Alexandru because this award was handed by the new President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis.  For him, it was quite hard to achieve this because he is just a sophomore computer geek college student in Romania. According to his blog “The award ceremony was amazing and I remember with great pleasure the moments when I shook his hand, receiving my beautiful trophy and that I became speechless. That day, fully charged my batteries to continue further more with my start up projectVisionBot and to work harder in order to succeed.  I think, next month I will go to Silicon Valley in order to talk with IT experts and business people to show them my start up project. Although we have a huge political difference, I still believe in my view. I don’t want to jinx you telling that one swallow doesn’t a summer make.”