VisionBot SMT Pick and Place Machine Robot PnP

VisionBot 32 New Pick and Place Video

We have been working to build a VisionBot 32 Machine for a National customer, Rockna Audio. They build complete advanced Audio Systems and are based in Suceava, Romania. After we ship the unit, we are planning to redesign the Automatic Feeders and simplify the electronics. We found out that there are way too much wires in our current design. Probably, in one month we will release new photos from a new generation of machines with simplified electronics.

Recently, we released two new videos showing VisionBot 32 assembling with Top Vision and Bottom Vision a sample PCB using 0603 resistors and SOIC28. You can view the VisionBot Pick and Place Video directly from Youtube:



We tested also the panelization process and it works as charm. Here is a glimpse video showing 4 panels.

VisionBot SMT Placement Equipment video

Today, we have published officially our first VisionBot SMT Placement Equipment Video. It was uploaded on Youtube and you can access it by pressing the play button. The Video is not professional and it only shows a test done by me.

The video shows a little bit about the VisionBot Main Software.

In the next video we will show how the machine works directly with the Gerber Files. In the mean tile VisionBot got qualified in the Romanian Bizz Factory incubator.

VisionBot screenshot of the automatically check new updates

Software auto update

VisionBot screenshot of the automatically check new updates

VisionBot screenshot of the automatically check new updates

Yesterday, I implemented successfully the option for the software automatically updating checking if there is any new update available to the desktop software. If there is a new version already lunched and published on the website  the software will download the new updates and automatically install them. I attached a screenshot of this new feature.