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    1,core encoder drive line
    2,36 Touch Screen
    3,Board machine
    4,Motor X / Y
    5,7-inch touch screen
    6,Z-axis motor
    7,Brass Pulley
    9,Z-axis drive twelve core wire
    10,Reel (8/12/16 / 24mm)
    11,Motor winders
    12,Winders pulley
    13,Winders belt
    14,Motor head stickers
    15,Nozzle (502-507)
    16,Limit switches (X-Y)
    17,24V small power supply
    18,Small air pump
    20,Driver board
    21,36v power supply
    22,Large pump
    23,Pull stitch
    24,Belt (set)
    25,Linear bearings (X-Y)
    Is that all? asliu@robotdigg.com

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