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    Hi everybody we released the Update 1.00036 there are a few new features including:

    • Scripts to import automatically from Altium, Cadence Allegro, CadSoft EAGLE, KiCAD XYR PnP Data/CSV data
    • A Help page including how to use Altium, Cadence Allegro, CadSoft EAGLE, KiCAD to generate the XYR data
    • Controls to change the order of the Nozzles Sort Order from the PCBAProjects tab
    • Top Vision Computer Vision fixed including Thread Safe Circle Detection
    • Top and Bottom Cameras Sign Movement directions in Options Form
    • Simplifying the Camera Control
    • Introducing Area Window in the Part Cut Tape Algorithm
    • Introducing 0402 Part Cut Tape Algorithm Settings

    Hardware Changes </br>

    • We decided to change from now on the Nozzles to Black Nozzles and to Black Bottom Vision
    • We will try to introduce professional Nozzles in the next VisionBot Pick and Place machines. We chose the Juki Nozzles and Holder In a couple of days we will receive the new Juki nozzles with DHL
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