VisionBot PnP Machine Box

Shipping VisionBot to United Kingdom for PCBA

Two days ago we shipped a VisionBot Pick and Place machine with 29 automatic feeders to Waverley, United Kingdom. Our customer is building servo controllers, DCC modules, multipanels and models for railway enthusiasts. The VisionBot has already arrived in United Kingdom, but the customer wants to receive the VisionBot package Monday morning. The VisionBot PnP is packed and ready configured for PCBA Productions. He is looking to assembly and sell over 4000 PCBs per month with our automatic Pick and Place machine. Right now I was configuring a new VisionBot PnP machine that will be shipped nationally to a customer from Romania Tuesday.

We decided to change our nozzles and to opt for professional Juki Nozzles and Juki Holder. For now on, the VisionBot PnP machines will come up with 4 Juki Nozzles. We are very confident that this decision of using Juki Nozzles will increase the quality of our PCBA process and to make VisionBot an affordable, but in the same time a professional SMT Pick and Place machine.

We released a new Software Update that allows our users to imports Centroids XYR data directly from:

  • Altium
  • Cadence Allegro
  • KiCAD
  • Cadence OrCAD
  • CadSoft EAGLE
  • CSV files and TXT raw files

We uploaded a new video showing the configurations needed to do for the Top and Bottom Computer Vision and how to start a PCBA process with our machine.

VisionBot SMT Placement Equipmenet Laboratory BIT TECHNOLOGIES

New VisionBot automatic Pick and Place machine

VisionBot SMT Pick and Place robot PnP PCBA PCB Assembly

VisionBot SMT Pick and Place robot PnP PCBA PCB Assembly

A few days ago we updated some new pictures on our website showing the updates of the VisionBot PnP machines from our website. It shows a new VisionBot automatic Pick and Place machine. In a couple of days we are shipping for the first time a VisionBot internationally and it will go to … United Kingdom, Waverley, Cheshire. In the following couple days we will post a new blog post showing the shipping box and how do we prepare for the shipping.  We redesigned the Automatic Feeders to use SG90. We couldn’t wait to receive the new automatic feeders PCBs from Hong Kong, so we decided to do a first test with some prototypes  PCBs 😀  The new automatic feeders are much easier to operate and they work very good. We also improved our optical sensors. We are quite confident that the shipping of assembled VisionBot throughout major cities of Europe is nearly 200 Euros.  Many folks asked us why we don’t want to release the machine in a DIY kit? The answer is quite simple: it is damn hard to assembly it. It takes a lot of time even to us, the creators to assembly and calibrate the machine to have a high precision. Although the price of a kit will drop even to half of the initial price, we prefer to don’t ship the VisionBot machines in hardware DIY kits. Probably in 3 weeks we will ship the next units throughout Europe. The VisionBot automatic Pick and Place machine is still doing significant progress and definitely this model is not the final version of our machines. More updates will be done in the following weeks.

INKTalks Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu

Talk at INKTalks Mumbai, India

Last week, I was away from Romania in order to go and talk about VisionBot machines at INKTalks in Mumbai. It was my first visit to India. The conference was really awesome. The most beautiful part was that we had the chance to do rehearsals. It is actually the first time when I got feedback to improve my talk. The major change I had in my talk was the flow of the presentation. Likely I am a spontaneous person so I did’t have memorize any change .

INKTalks Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu speaker India Mumbai

INKTalks Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu speaker in Mumbai, India

The final VisionBot talk is somehow in a “chronological” order and not massed up like it was before. I met a lot of people from talented Electrical Engineers to founders of makerspaces. All of them were interested in knowing more details about VisionBot machines. Definitely it was a really inspiring experience even for me as a speaker.

I knew that in India there is a huge contrast between the upper class and lower class, but I couldn’t believe to my eyes that the gap is tremendous huge. Probably in Mumbai alone, there are a few million people who live in slams due to poverty. Recently, I saw a news which shows that more than 50% of the world wealth is owned by the 1% of the world… due to the great capitalism system. Beside this fact the gap is growing alarming fast between the poor people and the very rich ones. Actually I come from a poor Eastern European family, but what I saw in Mumbai definitely created a cultural and emotional impact in my mind. Although millions of Indians from Mumbai live in poverty, in the same city, an Indian industrialist owns a billion dollar pent-house that is almost located in a slam. In a similar condition was my accommodation. The organizers hosted us at the Hyatt 5* Grand Hotel  Mumbai and our neighbors were extraordinary poor Indians. I felt so guilty on the European society that we don’t do almost anything to help these people. It is mind boggling when I think that most of the INK attendants paid up to one thousand dollar just to listen to us.

Once the people from INKTalks will process and upload my presentation on Youtube, I will share it with you guys.

VisionBot BIT TECHNOLOGIES RO Assembly Line

Progress on our SMT PnP Machines Production Line

We spent more than 7,000 euro in building our Production Line for the SMT PnP Machines. Monday, I will depart to present VisionBot in Mumbai, India at INK Talks. We will manufacture the VisionBot machines in Romania, European Union and not in China. Unfortunately, I am not very good at public communications for the simple reason I am a geek maker. We are very close to finish the production line once we will receive all of our goods and required components for building the VisionBot machines. Until now, we received a very professional Bernardo Lathe for Fine  Mechanics and a Bernardo Vertical Mills. We started the assembly of the first 7 units in our “garage”. Very soon, we will upload a totally new video showing the VisionBot 2.0 machine that will be our official product.

VisionBot Vertical Mills

VisionBot Vertical Mills

VisionBot Lathe Fine Mechanics

VisionBot Lathe Fine Mechanics


Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu with VisionBot

VisionBot award CISCO SYSTEMS TECHNOPRENEURSHIP Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu


VisionBot stand presented by Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu

VisionBot stand presented by Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu

VisionBot was presented at the European Enterprise Challenge 2015 organized by the Junior Achievement Europe.  We had presented our solution, VisionBot  at the contest and received two awards:

  • CISCO SYSTEMS TECHNOPRENEURSHIP AWARD which consists in mentoring and accelerating our startup, VisionBot by CISCO SYSTEMS. It is a great privillage for us to receive a such important know-how, expertise and support from Cisco Systems for developing VisionBot faster. The first meeting with Cisco Systems will take place in Vienna this autumn.
  • The Alumni Leadership Award to Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu for standing out as an individual showing role model behavior, possessing skills, team solidarity and real JA alumni spirit at the JA Europe  Enterprise Challenge.


Got accepted into 25K euro EU funding program for VisionBot

Today, we received a great news that VisionBot and our company BIT TECHNOLOGIES RO got accepted into a European Union EU funding program for young entrepreneurs which is promoting the entrepreneurial culture in South-West Oltenia and Bucharest – Ilfov.  The company will use the funding seed of 25,000 euro in order to manufacture the first 10 units of VisionBot machines and to employ the first mechanical technicians.  The startup got accepted first in the funding program, and we hope that this will be the startup a very fruitful journey.  It is a great news for us, because we will be able to deliver our product, VisionBot faster and better. We want to thank you very much for the interest shown and we hope that we will do a great execution with VisionBot.

Also today we received an inquiry from a young entrepreneur just like us, that our website had a small glitch with the registration form. Hopefully we solved that problem and we are looking to receive our first questions on the forum.

Ionut Budisteanu Social Impact Award VisionBot

VisionBot got the Social Impact Award from Impact Hub Bucharest

Ionut Budisteanu Social Impact Award VisionBot

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu Social Impact Award VisionBot

VisionBot is delighted to be the recipient of the Impact Hub’s Social Impact Award – SIA 2015. For us, VisionBot is not just a business, it is an affordable assembly line for PCBs designed for makers, electrical engineers, hardware startups, hackers, inventors and SMEs. Our mission is to bring VisionBot Pick and Place Robots to everyone’s garage – and by this to enable markers to start a PCBA medium production very soon, easy and efficient. From the the Social Impact Award 2015 judges panel, we got a lot of really productive feedback and know-how to develop VisionBot furthermore. The biggest first two milestones for VisionBot and BIT TECHNOLOGIES RO are

  • Finishing a fully functional prototype of VisionBot
  • Start a small VisionBot assembly production in Romania.

All this award money will be invested in VisionBot because we really want to achieve these two really important milestones for us.[:]

VisionBot Pick and Place machine to make PCBs

VisionBot SMT Pick and Place robot significantly progress

VisionBot Pick and Place machine to make PCBs

VisionBot Pick and Place machine to make PCBs

I did significantly progress developing the first prototype of the VisionBot SMT Pick and Place robot. I also did the first fully functional test to assembly an entire Printed Circuit Board using VisionBot SMT Pick and Place robot. I redesigned and remade the main PCB of the VisionBot microcontroller into a smaller one. I believe in maximum two months I will finish and publish the first promotional video about my startup. I fixed many firmware bugs, one of them was that on one axis the machine was making x-1 steps. So each time it was forgetting one step. To understand that it works properly, I tested moving thousands of steps on different axis and in the end I was returning to the 0,0,0,0 position. Through this verification method, I was able to understand if the machine loses any step.

In the last developments to improve the machine, I also introduced 7 feeders with 5,000 Surface Mount Devices each. You can see the feeders in the pictures attached to this blog post. I bought te 35,000 resistances from E-bay for nearly $100.

VisionBot Pick and Place Robot for SMT

VisionBot Pick and Place Robot for SMT

Besides working at the machine itself, I also worked to improve the Search Engine Optimization – SEO for my blog but also for VisionBot official web page. Right now, I am looking to find a few volunteers who would like to translate VisionBot home page into Chinese,  Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian, French and Japanese. In the next blog post I will talk about the improvements I did to the Computer Vision Software.

VisionBot screenshot of the automatically check new updates

Software auto update

VisionBot screenshot of the automatically check new updates

VisionBot screenshot of the automatically check new updates

Yesterday, I implemented successfully the option for the software automatically updating checking if there is any new update available to the desktop software. If there is a new version already lunched and published on the website  the software will download the new updates and automatically install them. I attached a screenshot of this new feature.

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu attended the high-level conference hosted in Portugal

Alexandru Budisteanu a VIP speaker at the high-level conference "The future of Europe is Science"

Alexandru Budisteanu a VIP speaker at the high-level conference “The future of Europe is Science”

Yesterday, Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu attended a high-level conference entitled: “The future of Europe is Science”. The conference was hosted by the European Commission. Alexandru was invited by the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso to be a speaker in a panel and to debate the current European educational system issues.  Alexandru underlined the idea that although Europe has been the world’s greatest place for sciences, arts, education and innovation for the past centuries, now Europe has a big problem with education. Less and less young people are interested in studying STEM. You can read more details about the event where Alexandru took place on his personal blog

Next week Alexandru will be a speaker at the conference “WIRED 2014” hosted by the WIRED magazine. Over there Alexandru Budisteanu will speak about education, computer science and VisionBot.


VisionBot Startup Ambassadors

VisionBot Startup Ambassadors


VisionBot Ambassadors PageStartup VisionBot’s Ambassador Program is a volunteer network created to give individuals who shares the same vision with us the opportunity to support VisionBot to be heared by as much makers and to connect volunteers within the startup maker community. Volunteer ambassadors assist with promoting and educating the public about VisionBot programs and offerings in the maker community.

VisionBot Startup Ambassadors

  • Receive more inputs and outs about VisionBot stage.
  • Work independently or as part of a team.
  • Are energetic and passionate makers, engineers or entrepreneurs about the maker community and VisionBot. We will provide official information to the Ambassadors.
  • Ambassadors commit to a 3 month term with the option to continue on for a second term.
  • Receive promotional coupon for VisionBot and other BIT Technologies products.

What an ambassador will do?

Community Guide: Meet new people from the maker world by having conversations and hosting tours with people interested in the startup community or building stuff. This Ambassador project is about promoting within your great networking and organizations across the region the entire startup community along with the machine designed for makers.

Community Awareness:  Inform people about our start up new features, programs, opportunities, networking events in and around the community.

Social Media Engagement:  Encourage people to join the conversation about the startup community via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and the newsletter.

Connector: Our community always has people looking for jobs, looking to hire new employees and just connect the right people that help facilitate VisionBot community and can provide huge growth opportunities for makers and engineers across the region. This project would help to facilitate and connect people across the region to build a great products using VisionBot and help provide mutually beneficial relationships across the ecosystem.

Events: Assist with programs and events. We will try so create many great events that are being put on by VisionBot and other organizations within our product vision, we want to make sure that they are executed with excellence. This is also an unbelievable way to get connected in the startup community as you will have the chance to meet everyone that is coming in and leaving for events.

If you want to apply for VisionBot Ambassadors programme just contact us.