VisionBot Pick and Place early production

VisionBot Desktop Pick and Place production line

We started the production line for manufacturing and assembling the VisionBot Desktop PnP machines. We have 10 units that are being assembled in our assembly line and probably many of them will be ready in the next 30 days. As we mentioned earlier, we were able to use the professional Juki nozzles 500-508 nozzles and all the next units will come up with the new Juki nozzles. Although our design doesn’t use the Juki holder, we designed our own holder that uses neodymium magnets and the results are very good. In this weekend we will make a new film showing VisionBot picking and placing 0402 passives. Our next focus now is to boost the VisionBot Desktop Pick and Place machine speed with at least 20-25%. Between 19 to 20 April we will be exhibit one VisionBot 24 Pick and Place machine at the Webit.Festival that is held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dave, our friend from MegaPoints Controller published a new video showing a VisionBot with 29 automatic feeders assembling 4 panels of his MultiPanel LED boards that has near to 200 SMT components – all of them are 0805  on those 4 panels. It is important to tell you that Dave uploaded this 2nd video only 4-5 days  after he powered on for the first time his VisionBot machine. We are very happy that Dave no longer needs to loose plenty of his time to assembly 200 of SMT components on these boards by hand, and now the VisionBot is doing most of his job.


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